Here I am again

Hello hello hello,

After a few days,(ok a lot,but in the summer the time in an unknown word),I am back around here.But really it's not my fault and let me tell you why.:

  1. I am in my summer break from University.
  2. I am back home and because you don't know my hometown I'll put pictures below.
  3. It's SUMMER and I live in Greece. (look at #2).
  4. These past few weeks the temperature was very high and I mean veeryy high.
  5. To sum it up I was just having fun.

But now the fun is about to go down,because I'm starting my exams in 1 September and yeah stydying is on the way ----> my way.!!

I hope you are having fun and I'll be seeing you a lot.

My hometown is Kiato,Kiato is a seaside town of the county of Corinth in Peloponnese,in Greece of course.Take a look.:




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