Where there is grace there is beauty

I wanted to make a review of this palette for so long,because tryly is an amazing product (read it all).But let's be more specific here,I'm talking about the Amazing Glaze Coloring Book by Philosophy.This little palette has seven pots,three for the face,two for the eyes and two for the lips,but of course in makeup there are no limits,so you can do a lot of stuff wi th them.And a little bit more specific,this palette has:

  • 1 shimmering face powder (amazing grace)
  • 1 powder blush  (pure joy)
  • 1 all over illumintor (7th heaven)
  • 2 eyeshadows (angel & dream)
  • 2 lip glosses (be sweet & in love)

The three products for the face are really great,especially the shimmering face powder and the all over illuminator are my go to highlighters,because they give me a soft glow that can built up to be as extravagant as you want it to be.The blush is really pink and soft at the same time and really buildable.The eyeshadows are for a vry natural look,so don't expect great things.The lip glosses are two shades of pink but  when you put them on they are just shine and no pigment which is good if you only want them for that (like I do).Overall the face products are really good especially the highlighters,I'm not a fan of pinkish blushes,I prefer the peachier (is that even a word?) ones,but if you like the pink go for it,also the blush is not matte and I'm not sure if that is shimmer or sparkles but they are relly soft (trust me).Also I bought this palette on sale (I think 4euros/$4.46) and I'm pretty sure the original price is $35 (say what) and it's not worth the $35,but if you find it like $5 (no more!) grab it just for the highlighters (because we all need that glow).I almost forgot,there is another palette for deeper skins (The Supernatural Coloring Book),that palette has warmer tones and this one cooler,I should've grab that one too,when it was on sale,no less,because the warmer one is all about the blush,'bout the blush,'bout the blush,(...no treble).

*I bought my palette from here.:

*The other palette.:https://www.fragrancesandcosmeticsco.com/make-up/philosophy/make-up-set/the-supernatural-coloring-book/114746/the-supernatural-coloring-book


*My opinion is always honest and all the products are bought with my money.
**The images are by:www.google.com


  1. Such a pretty palette. I’m a sucker for pale pinks (even thought they look terrible on my skin) so I really love this palette.


    1. You have beautiful skin and I'm sure that peachy colours will rock on you.!!!Everyone has their colour.!! :))

      P.S.Even though I'm pale my face most of the time is like a tomato. :P.

      xoxo Fay

  2. This palette looks pretty awesome & comprehensive. I love Bare Your Soul. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Oh wow, Philosophy has makeup? I thought they were skincare only and holy cow, you got it for such an amazing price. Great buy!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. When I bought this palette I didn't know Philosophy as a brand at all.Thank you Shireen.!! :)

      xoxo Fay

  4. Amazing blog and I really enjoyed reading your review :-) http://bauchlefashion.com

  5. Interesting products! I like complete palettes like this because it's more portable :)



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